Top 7 Tips for Getting Cheap Dog Insurance

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Any dog owner wants to save by getting cheap dog insurance. The problem is that many pet owners make compromise with quality for the sake of saving. In turn, they get less for their money. Use the following tips to avoid getting into this trap. They will help you get the cover policy you need at the most affordable price.

1) Get cheap dog insurance as soon as possible.

Acting now will save you money, because with each day your canine pet gets older and the cost of insuring it increases accordingly. You will save for a long period of time in the future, if you get cheap dog insurance while your pet is still young and without chronic conditions and injuries. Even if your pet is older and already ill, you will still benefit from taking timely action.

2) Get a level of cover that matches the needs of your pet.

In general, the idea behind getting dog insurance is to save on vet fees and other expenses. That is why you should look for a cover policy that will allow you to get the most for your money. In this way, a cheap dog insurance policy will be really beneficial.

Experts recommend getting limited coverage for young and healthy pets. Such a policy has limits on the amounts of cover per treatment and/or on its duration. That is why it is generally the cheapest you can find. Since you will need to make fewer claims, it will certainly save you money.

Lifetime cover policies are recommended to pet owners with old and/or chronically ill or injured dogs. These do not have limits per treatment, even though there may be an annual cover limit. Such a policy will allow you to save money, despite the fact that it is slightly more expensive. This is because you will get the most of the treatment, which your dog needs, covered by the policy instead of having to pay for it out of your pocket.

3) Collect and compare dog insurance quotes.

Anyone can use this method for getting cheap dog insurance. That is why it is so popular with canine pet owners. There are a number of simple rules that you have to keep when you compare quotes. Avoid going for the cheapest policy straight away. Make sure the types and amounts of coverage you buy for the set price are actually useful. Compare the excesses of the policies as well as the premiums. Consider all exclusions and limitations to ensure that you have got a worthwhile cheap dog insurance policy.

4) Get only the types of coverage you actually need.

This is a perfectly effective practical way to get cheap dog insurance that any canine pet owner can use. You can readily decide which types of coverage are useful to you and which ones are not. In general, all types of coverage have some use, but if you want to save, you should consider getting the most essential ones. These are vet fees coverage, boarding fees coverage and surgery and complementary treatment coverage. You can readily go without straying, loss and theft coverage if you buy slightly more of advertising and reward coverage or vice versa. You will be able to go without a death benefit, if your pet is actually not expensive. You will not need vacation cancellation coverage, if you actually leave your pet with friends or family when you go on holiday.

5) Get smaller amounts of less important covers.

This is a similar way to get cheap dog insurance compared to the previous one. You can readily keep some of the less important covers, which may come in handy at one point, but get smaller amounts. For example, if your pet is young and healthy, you can readily get a smaller amount of surgery and complementary treatment coverage. You can also get smaller amounts of straying, loss and theft coverage and advertising and rewards coverage. Getting a smaller amount of third party liability coverage is also a great way to save for those who have pets from small and medium breeds that are not aggressive.

6) Use discounts.

This is certainly the best way to get comprehensive cheap pet insurance. You can use a discount in far more cases than you probably think. You can get a discount by buying a policy online. In this way, you can save anywhere between 5% and 20%. Multiple dog and multiple pet discounts may reach even 50% in some cases. You can get to pay less for dog insurance if you already have a policy with the same company, such as car insurance, home insurance or even travel insurance. If such discounts are not formally announced, you can readily ask for them.

7) Look for a policy with a lower premium, if you will make claims less often.

You can readily lower the premium to get cheap dog insurance, but as the premium is reduced the excess will increase. This will help you save money, provided that you do not have to pay an excess often. Hence, you will certainly benefit from getting a lower premium, if you do not make claims and pay an excess regularly.

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