Micro-chipping and neutering


Micro chipping will be a legal requirement from 2016 and it is certainly something that we recommend. It is a non-surgical procedure that is purely a quick injection in the back of the animal’s neck, which they probably won’t even feel. Micro chipping really is a major benefit to you as an owner as it means that your animal can be quickly identified to you, therefore should they ever go missing and get found they can be returned straight back to you quickly and easily. Micro chipping also helps to prevent people from steal animals because they would be quickly identified not to be theirs.

Micro chipping also means that the dog will be linked to the breeder which is hoped to stop issues such as inter-breeding and puppy farm breeding, both of which are becoming a major problem. Breeding as a means of making money has become a major issue and the way some people are breeding is cause dogs major issues. For example if you are breeding siblings together then you are going to breed a litter that has more and more health issues, as the siblings are going to be carrying the same gene pool, this is going increase the problems of health issues.

This is also the case for puppy farm breeding and is an issue that has only come to light recently. Puppy farming is where a mass of dogs are kept in very poorly conditions and continuously bred, the puppies are then sold. Puppy farming is being done in places like Ireland and the dogs are then being shipped over and sold to people who have no idea of the dog’s background. It was been found that dogs from puppy farms don’t even make it to their first birthdays.

Neutering/spraying your dog is also very important and your vet will discuss and advise you on when it is best to do so. Neutering and spraying your dog is your own personal choice, some people like to have it done, particularly in female dogs as it stops the monthly issue arising and then other choose not to. A number of people do choose to have their dog done as for both males and females it reduces the risks of them getting a number of illnesses;

  • For males it helps to prevent them for getting testicular cancer
  • It helps to prevent issues such as cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers in female dogs
  • It reduces the chances of any unwanted pregnancy’s
  • It helps to reduce female dogs getting mammary tumours
  • It prevents interbreeding – dogs don’t understand brother/sister etc. relationships and they can mate together which will produce a litter of pups with health issues.

If you are planning of breeding your dog then this obviously isn’t something you are going to be looking at but it is important that you breed is the correct way. It would be advised that female dogs should have two litters before you have them sprayed, this should be in done by having one litter then waiting at least another and then having the second. It is also advised that you wait until they are at least 2 years old before they have their first litter. Before they even mate with another dog you should take them to your vets and have them fully checked to ensure that they are able to breed and also that they don’t carry any illnesses that they will pass onto their pups. This also goes for the male dog that is going to be used in the breeding process, he should be vet checked too.

Many people are against breeding, as many believe that over breeding is one of the reasons as to why there are so many dogs without a home. There are a number of rescue shelter with dogs that need homes, they don’t just have older dogs either, which many people think. They do get puppies into the shelters too, often puppies that are the result of an unwanted pregnancy. So when you are looking at getting a puppy get in touch with one of your local rescue centres and find out who they have in living with them.

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